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Legislative Agenda

Fort Bend ISD, Lamar Consolidated ISD and Stafford Municipal School District present the attached legislative agenda with six priorities to keep the Texas Public School System strong. We recognize that additional funding for education is limited in this biennium, and we ask that you will read and agree to support our six legislative priorities, as well as to provide us with your influence as we move forward during the upcoming legislative session to Keep Public Schools in Fort Bend County Strong.

Keep Public Schools in Fort Bend County Strong!

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Priority One

Restore the State revenue system for public education with sustainable resources without regard to short-term economic trends.

Priority Two

Provide a simpler, more equitable school finance system that links state standards with adequate funding that is adjusted to accurately reflect variations in district costs and student needs.

Priority Three

Re-examine the public school accountability system in Texas to support continuous improvement in teaching and learning while lessening the excessive burdens associated with state testing.

Priority Four

Support a renewed focus on the importance of career and technical education that includes flexibility for substituting career and technical education courses for core course credits.

Priority Five

Protect The Texas Teacher Retirement System (TRS) and its defined benefit structure.

Priority Six

Oppose vouchers, tax payer savings grants, tax credits, tuition reimbursements, and any other program that diverts tax dollars to privately run schools, which are exempt from state and federal accountability requirements.
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